Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Learning - Happened so fast..

(This post was a collaborative effort with Jennifer Krzystowczyk from Bellevue Public Schools in Bellevue, NE and is cross-posted at

Now that the school year has ended and teachers are so excited to be on vacation, it is time to relax and rejuvenate, right? Right! But it is also a fantastic time to focus on your professional learning! I know many teachers who use summer as an opportunity to take classes, read professional books, and work collaboratively with their teammates. Here are a few other ideas for how you can take
advantage of summer learning while also working on your tan!

1. Develop a Professional Learning Network: Using social networking tools like Twitter, Google+, Feedly, and many others, you can connect with teachers around the globe who are doing amazing things. Read about what they are doing, participate in conversations with them, read articles recommended by colleagues, all from your mobile device on the back deck!  Check out Cybraryman’s list of Twitter Hashtags to follow.

2. Digitize your Content: Use the summer to develop your MOODLE course! Upload your resources, design formative assessments, create self paced assignments for your accelerated learners! Summer is the perfect time to focus on this so it is ready in the fall!

3.  View some amazing hangouts and free learning opportunities from Google!  Here is a great resource to peruse through.  Connect to a Google + Community like Edudemic.

4.  Attend a local Edcamp in your area.  Edcamps are usually held on weekends and are free of charge.  Edcamps let you choose the topics being covered and its a great place to network with other professionals.

5.  Follow some amazing educational blogs.  Here is a list of our favorites:

6.  Find some great YouTube Channels to subscribe to.This is a great way to learn new skills on practically any topic.  Subscribing to a channel gives you instant notifications when a new video has been added.  Check out this #tt4t YouTube channel for a multitude of ed tech video tutorials.  

7. Think of a place where you can read quietly, soak up the sun, and turn on that mobile device for some unique learning opportunities.

Return in the fall with some great new skills and feel invigorated by the fact that you cared enough to dig a little deeper with your knowledge, even on your “time off”!  So if you choose to do any of the above suggestions this summer, congratulations!  You’re a leader! You have inspired others with your knowledge, and your students will be better for it!