Monday, December 17, 2007

TIES Conference 2007

I am at the TIES Conference in Minneapolis. There have been some great presentations and I wanted to share about them. But first I wanted to share a thought that has been bothering me. Where are our teachers? It is important for tech support people and integration specialists to see and hear all the information that is shared here, but it is far MORE important for our classroom teachers to see what is happening in other classrooms. As I watch teachers present on how they are using blogs, clickers, GoogleDocs, Scratch, and many other great tools in their classrooms, I keep thinking how it is the classroom teachers who should be making up the majority of the audience. I'd love to hear peoples' ideas on how we can make that happen.

One solution is to share all the handouts and presentations from all the sessions. Go to and click on any presenter to download their presentation.

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