Thursday, June 5, 2008

Teaching for Tomorrow Part 3

Please post a comment about Section 3: Teaching Students How to Solve Problems. What do you think about the 4D's? What ideas do you have for developing evaluations of process skills?

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  1. Dave, I like your comment about not letting our ceiling be our students' ceiling. How true! We need to stop thinking that we need to have all the answers in order for our students to figure things out. I think I learned this best through the iMovie projects that I had my students do. It was great because I had a general knowledge of the program, but then learned to allow my students to take on the role of experts and teach me what I didn't know. Students that might not have otherwise connected with me or the class were allowed to take on a leadership role and were proud to teach me something. In return, I learned a lot more than I anticipated, along with forming some great relationships.
    I love the idea of giving the students only partial information and having them form the questions that they need answered in order to move forward. I loved that the students asked for what the teacher was already wanting to teach. What a great way to get students involved.
    I also liked the idea about having students grade themselves on their positive attitudes and independence. This is definitely something that I will think about incorporating with my class!