Monday, August 24, 2009

Let's Start from the Very Beginning...


A very good place to start!

As we begin a new school year, we are always filled with excitement and anxiety. A new year brings new students, new ideas, new curriculum, new district initiatives, and ... new technologies.

It is an overwhelming time of year. With so many new things to think about, we are often left wondering where to begin. Everyone might answer this differently depending on their perspective, but I would say we begin with our students. After all, they are the reason we are here. What are they looking for? How are they feeling at the start of the year? What makes them excited or anxious?

As I think about the answers to these questions, I often feel like a few simple changes to how we incorporate technology can make the classroom feel that much more exciting for our students. OK, so maybe they don't feel like simple changes, but think about the following questions:

Could I use the Internet more regularly to connect my students to the world outside the classroom?

Could I convert one or two projects to a digital project to allow students to demonstrate their learning in new ways?

Could I add one new tool for communicating with students, parents, or the community?

How might these changes impact the way your students feel about school?

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