Monday, December 1, 2008

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

Thanks to Andrew Churches for this updated look at Bloom's Taxonomy. It really shows how many of the technological skills that we have been working on integrating fit into Bloom's Taxonomy.

I especially like how collaborating is interwoven with all levels of the taxonomy. If we are to teach our students to effectively colloaborate, they must have these opportunities at all levels, not just one or two.

I think the verbs that Andrew adds represent the kinds of opportunities our students need. It really demonstrates how many of these new skills really teach a broad range of thinking skills. If we really want our students thinking critically and deeply, these are activities that can really get us there. I'm curious if you have any other verbs that you think should be added to Andrew's list.

For more information on Bloom's Digital Taxonomy, visit to see Andrew Churches' analysis.

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  1. Thanks for the write up I appreciate your comments, Glad to be of use. If you can think of anything else to add into Bloom's please let me know